The Importance of Juggling in Soccer Development at Charlotte Rise FC



The Importance of Juggling in Soccer Development at Charlotte Rise FC

When parents watch their children participate in soccer training sessions at Charlotte Rise FC, one of the skills emphasized is soccer juggling. While juggling might seem more akin to a circus trick to the uninitiated, it is, in fact, a fundamental aspect of a soccer game that plays a crucial role in a player’s development, especially within our youth programs.

Why Soccer Juggling Is Critical in Soccer Training

Soccer juggling is an advanced progression from the simpler “kick and catch” and “kick and bounce” techniques taught in early training stages. This soccer juggling technique involves what is often referred to as the “magic hop” of the plant leg—the leg that remains on the ground to stabilize the body while the other leg manipulates the ball. Soccer juggling fosters several critical abilities:

Spatial Awareness

Players learn to judge the ball’s trajectory and anticipate its path in relation to their foot and body positioning.

Coordination and Timing

Proper foot positioning is essential, and players must synchronize their movements with the ball’s bounce.

Physical Development

It enhances balance, agility, and overall athleticism.

How Juggling Translates to Game Situations

The soccer skills developed through juggling have broad applications on the soccer field:

Ball Control

Players gain proficiency in managing the ball in varied scenarios, including trapping high balls and receiving passes under pressure.

Passing and Shooting

Improved control leads to more accurate passes and shots.

Handling Pressure

Juggling aids players in maintaining composure when handling the ball in challenging situations.

Juggling Training Techniques at Charlotte Rise FC

At Charlotte Rise FC, we teach and train a specific style of juggling that is directly applicable to real soccer skills, distinct from what we term “circus juggling.” Circus juggling, which involves low, toe-back kicks, may develop basic coordination but lacks practical utility in advancing soccer-specific skills.

Our training method emphasizes soccer juggling techniques that replicate the movements players will use during games. This approach is not only practiced extensively at Charlotte Rise FC but is also the cornerstone of our player development philosophy.

A video is coming soon featuring a talented 10-year-old from our club demonstrating these techniques. Viewers are encouraged to note her precise body and foot positioning and the stability of her plant foot, illustrating the effective juggling style we advocate and train at Charlotte Rise FC.

Evaluating Soccer Training at Charlotte Rise FC

For parents new to the sport, it is crucial to recognize the value of the training provided. At Charlotte Rise FC, the focus is on developing skills that enhance actual play, rather than just entertaining tricks. Parents should observe whether practices involve meaningful skill progression, preparing players for real-game challenges, as opposed to mere repetitive circus juggling.


Juggling is a pivotal skill in soccer that extends beyond mere trickery, forming a core part of the comprehensive training regime at Charlotte Rise FC. Our approach ensures that players not only learn impressive techniques but also develop into skilled and capable athletes, prepared for the technical demands of competitive soccer.

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What is the purpose of juggling?

Juggling in soccer develops essential skills like ball control, spatial awareness, and coordination. It helps players manage the ball effectively in varied scenarios, from trapping high balls to maintaining composure under pressure.

What skills are involved in juggling?

Juggling involves spatial awareness, coordination, timing, balance, agility, and overall athleticism. Players learn to judge the ball’s trajectory, position their feet correctly, and synchronize their movements for smooth ball manipulation.

How do you start juggling in soccer?

Juggling in soccer starts with simpler techniques like “kick and catch” and “kick and bounce.” Players then progress to more advanced juggling, focusing on the stability of their plant foot and manipulating the ball with controlled movements.

Is juggling a soccer ball a fine or gross skill?

Juggling a soccer ball is a fine skill, requiring precise movements and control. It involves nuanced footwork, spatial awareness, and coordination, helping players to manage the ball effectively in real-game situations.

What are the 5 benefits of juggling?

Juggling offers several benefits, including: 

  1. Improved ball control
  2. Enhanced coordination and timing
  3. Greater spatial awareness
  4. Development of balance and agility
  5. Ability to handle the ball under pressure and make accurate passes and shots. 

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