Soccer Ball Control: The Charlotte RISE FC’s Method of Kick and Catch



Soccer Ball Control: The Charlotte RISE FC’s Method of Kick and Catch

In the journey of mastering soccer, ball control stands as the cornerstone skill every young player must develop. Teaching this critical aspect of the game emphasizes not just the importance of ball control but also the path to achieving it. The foundational activity, known as “Kick and Catch,” plays a pivotal role in this learning process. It might sound deceptively simple, but it’s a comprehensive exercise that challenges players and lays the groundwork for advanced soccer ball-handling skills.

Understanding "Kick and Catch"

“Soccer Ball Kick and Catch” is precisely what it sounds like but executing it effectively is where the challenge lies. In this activity, a player takes the ball in their hands, drops it, kicks it while it’s in the air, and then that soccer player catches the ball again. The goal is for the ball to have no spin and to reach approximately shoulder height. On paper, this might seem straightforward, but in practice, it’s a complex task that requires a blend of skills.

The Learning Curve

For younger players, especially, learning to control a ball that’s in flight can be particularly challenging. That’s why starting with “Soccer Ball Kick and Catch” as a fundamental exercise is important. It’s not just about kicking the soccer ball; it’s a multifaceted activity that teaches several crucial skills:

Proper Body Position

To execute the kick and catch of the soccer ball successfully, players must learn the correct stance and body alignment. This positioning is vital for all soccer skills, not just this exercise.

Body Control

Players gain an understanding of how to control their movements, ensuring they can replicate the necessary actions consistently.

Foot Control

The ability to kick the soccer ball with the proper location (laces of the foot) and technique. This skill is essential for passing, shooting, and dribbling.

Plant Leg Timing and Positioning

Perhaps the most subtle yet critical aspect of this activity is learning how to time and position the non-kicking leg. This “plant leg” provides the timing for the sport of soccer. It is called the “magic hop”.

Why Kick and Catch?

“Kick and Catch” provides immediate feedback to soccer players. If any element of the chain is off—be it body position, foot control, or timing—the skill won’t be completed successfully. This immediate feedback loop encourages players to adjust and try again, fostering a quick learning process.

Beyond the Basics

“Kick and Catch” is more than just a beginner’s exercise; it’s a foundational drill that sets players on the path to advanced ball control. By starting with this activity, it is ensured that young athletes develop a strong understanding of the basic principles of ball handling. This solid foundation is crucial for advancing to more complex skills and maneuvers in soccer. Players will move on to kick and bounce, kick over the head a spin, and kick between players.

Charlotte RISE FC’s Philosophy

At Charlotte RISE FC, our approach to coaching young soccer players is rooted in a belief in the importance of foundational skills. “Kick and Catch” epitomizes this belief, demonstrating that mastering the basics with precision and consistency is the first step toward excellence in soccer. We encourage both players and parents to embrace this philosophy, understanding that repetition, patience, and focus on fundamental skills are the keys to unlocking a player’s full potential on the soccer field.


“Kick and Catch” is not just an exercise but encapsulates our approach to soccer training: start with the basics, master them with dedication, and the path to advanced skills will become clear. As players progress, the lessons learned from “Kick and Catch” continue to influence their development, proving that the best way to rise in soccer is to start from the ground up.

We have launched a detailed series aimed at helping young soccer players perfect their skills. Starting with the essential technique of Ball Control, we lay the foundation for more complex skills. Confidence grows as we move on to mastering the Kick and Catch, and then to the exciting Magic Hop. Our next step focuses on Trapping a Ball, where players learn the art of stopping the ball accurately. Our journey wraps up with Receiving and Trapping a Rolling Ball, a vital skill for a soccer player.

The video of this skill is coming soon.


What is "Kick and Catch" in soccer?

“Kick and Catch” is a fun soccer drill where you drop the ball, give it a kick before it hits the ground, and then catch it again. The trick is to make the ball fly straight up to about your shoulder height without any spin.

Why is "Kick and Catch" important for young soccer players?

This drill teaches you how to control the ball, get your body in the right position, and master the timing with your feet. It’s all about getting the basics down pat!

How does "Kick and Catch" help improve my soccer skills?

By practicing “Kick and Catch,” you’ll get better at keeping the ball under control, positioning your body just right, and using your feet smartly. It’s a simple way to learn big skills for the soccer field.

What skills does "Kick and Catch" teach?

This drill is like a mini-training camp all by itself. You’ll learn how to stand and move correctly, control your body, and kick the ball with just the right touch. It even teaches you the magic of timing with your plant leg.

Can "Kick and Catch" really make me a better soccer player?

Absolutely! It starts with the basics, but those basics are the foundation for all the cool moves you’ll learn later. Think of it as building your soccer skills from the ground up. With each kick and catch, you’re on your way to becoming a soccer star.

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