(BIRTH YEAR 2019-2005)

Goalkeeper Training


(BIRTH YEAR 2019-2005)

Charlotte Rise FC U8 Goalie

Rising Stars

U5 - U12


Our Rising Stars goalkeeper training program offers an introduction to the fundamentals of goalkeeping for ages U5-U12. We want to help our players create a solid foundation for continuous development with age-appropriate learning and specialized training. Our professional soccer coaches are here to guide players in their development of core skills, coordination, and initial understanding of the goalkeeper position.

@ $75

Charlotte Rise FC U8 Goalie

Academy Teams

U8 - U19


Our Academy Teams goalkeeper training program is designed for U8-U19 players to advance their technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills. As players progress through the program, training is tailored to meet their individual needs and capabilities. Under the guidance of our coaches, players can raise their goalkeeping skills to the next level.

@ $75

Individual Sessions

1 – 1 @ $75 / Player

Group Sessions

 2 – 3 Players @ $60 / Player
 4 – 5 Players @ $45 / Player
6 + Players @ $30 / Player 

Registration For Goalkeeper Training

Registration Agreement


1. I, as the parent/guardian of the player(s) hereby give approval to his/her participation in Charlotte Rise FC Programs.
2. I recognize the possibility of serious injury to such a player and assume all risks and hazards related to such program participation offered by Charlotte Rise FC.
3. I hereby release, discharge, absolve; and indemnify and agree to defend and hold harmless, Charlotte Rise FC and its affiliates, sponsors, tournament sponsors, employees, coaches, representatives, and agents from and with respect to any claim, cause of action, liability, expense or obligation arising in connection with, or related to, such players participation in any Charlotte Rise FC programs.
4. I hereby grant permission to the team’s coaching staff, or the team’s personnel, in my absence, to authorize and obtain medical care and treatment from any licensed physicians, nurses, or medical personnel to the extent deemed necessary by such physician, nurse, or medical personnel and I assume full financial responsibility for said treatment.

Techniques of a Goalkeeper

Rise FC U8 youth Soccer player


Efficient footwork is essential for goalkeepers. Goalkeeper footwork helps in quick lateral movements and precise positioning. Through goalkeeper footwork training, players move quickly side-to-side and are ready to stop the ball.

Charlotte Rise FC U8 Rising Star goalkeeper


Effective communication skills are one of the important goalkeeper techniques. Goalkeepers coordinate with their defenders and guide the team’s defense. They ensure everyone is on the same page, alerting teammates to offensive threats.

Charlotte Rise FC U8 Goalkeeper

Diving Techniques

Goalkeepers who engage in regular goalkeeper diving drills showcase exceptional goalkeeper diving techniques. Precisely, they dive to reach far balls, whether it’s jumping to the side or falling forward, ensuring they catch the ball before it goes past them.

U8 boy goalkeeper


It’s important for goalkeepers, using goalkeeper positioning tips, to stand in the right spot. They try to predict the direction of the player’s shot. Goalkeepers position themselves where the ball is headed to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Charlotte Rise FC U5 rising star

Ball Stopping

The main job of a goalkeeper is to keep the ball out of the net. They grab the ball with both hands or push hard shots away.

Rise FC U8 Soccer Goalkeeper

High ball jumping

When the ball is in the air, the goalkeeper needs to jump high. They focus on jumping at the right time and holding onto the ball, even when many players are close by.

Rise FC U8 Soccer attacker

Strength Training and Agility

Goalkeepers need to be strong and fast. They do exercises to jump higher, dive farther, and play quick foot games. Agility drills improve reflexes and rapid directional changes.

Goalkeeper Coach

Catalyn-Rise FC Professional Soccer coach

Caitlyn Logan

Goalkeeping Coach

Caitlyn serves as Rise FC’s goalkeeper coach and serves the players with the same commitment found with the rest of the Rise FC staff. She grew up playing soccer in the Charlotte area and took her impressive abilities to be a 4-year starter at John Brown University. While at John Brown University, she was recognized as the 4-time Goalkeeper of the Year for the Sooner Athletic Conference, and she also was honored as a 3-time All-American. She has been coaching youth goalkeepers for several years and is a great role model and resource for all goalkeepers. Beyond her on-field soccer accomplishments and passion, Caitlyn volunteers with her church and works as a registered nurse. Please reach out to Rise FC to schedule a private or small-group goalkeeper session with her at your convenience.