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Charlotte Rise FC boasts a vibrant and dynamic coaching team dedicated to nurturing the talents of its players. At the helm is Greg Henschel, the esteemed Director of Coaching, whose strategic vision and wealth of experience drive the club’s development forward. Assisting him are the passionate and skilled duo of Mike Spangler and Macey Kurtz, who collectively shape the future stars of the game as Youth Soccer Coaches. Their commitment to player growth and holistic development is evident in every training session. Ensuring the guardianship of the team’s last line of defense is Caitlyn Logan, the Goalkeeping Coach, whose expertise and specialized training techniques instill confidence and proficiency in the club’s goalkeepers. Together, this dedicated coaching staff embodies the ethos of Charlotte Rise FC, fostering a culture of excellence and growth within the club. 

Greg Henschel

Director of Coaching

Greg Henschel brings a wealth of invaluable coaching expertise to Rise FC, infusing the club with innovative concepts aimed at ensuring a fulfilling experience for both players and their families. Central to their approach is the emphasis on creating an environment where enjoyment and learning intersect seamlessly. Recognizing that fun serves as a powerful catalyst for motivation, the club prioritizes this aspect, understanding that it fuels players’ desire to develop, excel, and savor the game at progressively higher levels. Whether aspiring to secure a spot on a middle school, high school, or college team, Rise FC is steadfast in its commitment to supporting each player’s journey towards their goals. Greg’s leadership provides a clear and practical pathway for players to navigate towards their aspirations with confidence and determination.

Mike Spangler

Youth Soccer Coach

Mike Spangler is an integral youth soccer coach at Charlotte Rise FC, guiding players from ages 5 to 19 through various stages of development. He introduces fundamental skills to younger players, fostering their love for the game while emphasizing basic techniques like dribbling and passing. As players progress, Mike adjusts training sessions to challenge their abilities and enhance tactical understanding. For older players, he acts as a mentor, focusing on advanced tactics and promoting sportsmanship. Beyond soccer, Mike instills important life skills such as discipline and teamwork, nurturing well-rounded individuals. His dedication to holistic player development creates a supportive environment where players thrive both on and off the field.

Macey Kurtz

Youth Soccer Coach

Macey Kurtz is a vital youth soccer coach at Charlotte Rise FC, responsible for guiding players aged 5 to 19 through their developmental journey. With a focus on foundational skills, Macey introduces young players to the basics of the game, instilling a passion for soccer while emphasizing essential techniques like dribbling and passing. As players progress in age and ability, Macey adapts training sessions to challenge them and enhance their tactical understanding. For older players, she provides mentorship, focusing on advanced tactics and fostering a culture of sportsmanship. Beyond soccer, Macey emphasizes important life skills such as teamwork and resilience, creating a supportive environment for personal growth.

Caitlyn Logan

Goalkeeping Coach

Caitlyn Logan serves as the dedicated Goalkeeping Coach at Charlotte Rise FC, where her primary role is to nurture and refine the skills of the club’s goalkeepers. With a focus on specialized training techniques, Caitlyn works closely with each goalkeeper to enhance their agility, positioning, and shot-stopping abilities. She provides personalized guidance and feedback, helping goalkeepers develop the confidence and proficiency needed to excel in their role on the field. Beyond technical skills, Caitlyn also fosters a positive and supportive environment, instilling mental resilience and leadership qualities in her players. Her unwavering commitment to the growth and success of the goalkeepers ensures that they are well-prepared to defend the team’s net with skill and confidence during every match.

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Open to boys and girls aged U8-U19 (2017-2006)

Open to boys and girls aged U5-U19 (2020 – 2006)

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