Macey Kurtz
In our South Charlotte and Carolina locations, Macey Kurtz stands as a beacon of professional coaching, offering a personalized approach steeped in experience to youth soccer. With a dedication to instilling age-appropriate skills and techniques, Macey ensures a harmonious balance between challenging training sessions and enjoyable play for every aspiring athlete. Working under the guidance of Coach Greg Henschel, Macey embodies the club philosophy, which prioritizes providing players with the most effective methods to both enjoy and progress within the dynamic landscape of youth soccer. In the nurturing environment cultivated by Macey Kurtz, players not only develop their soccer skills but also cultivate essential life values such as teamwork and resilience. With her unwavering commitment to the growth and well-being of each player, Macey ensures that every young athlete at our club receives the support and guidance needed to thrive both on and off the field.

Macey with Rise FC

Macey Kurtz, inspired by Greg Henschel’s innovative coaching concepts, channels them into her work with Rise FC, ensuring that children and families derive the utmost enjoyment and learning from their time at the club. Emphasizing fun and learning as the cornerstone of the program, Macey recognizes that a joyful atmosphere fuels players’ motivation to excel and progress. Whether aspiring to join a middle school, high school, or collegiate team, players at Rise FC are supported in their journey to reach the next level. Macey’s dedication provides a practical pathway for players to realize their ambitions, ensuring that each individual is equipped with the skills and guidance needed to succeed in their soccer endeavors.

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Open to boys and girls aged U5-U12 (2019 – 2012)

Open to boys and girls aged U8-U17 (2017-2008)

Open to boys and girls aged U5-U19 (2019 – 2005)

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