Highlights from League Games



Highlights from League Games

Our U10 Boys Soccer Players displayed their remarkable soccer skills during the league games on February 24th and 25th, 2024! They showed strong determination and teamwork on the soccer field and gave their best with high spirits.

Soccer Skills Display

During the match, our soccer players skillfully executed essential techniques they’ve learned, demonstrating effective application of key skills throughout the game. Their performance showcased a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in soccer fundamental skills.

Precise Kicking

CRFC players demonstrated precise kicking, ensuring the ball reached its target with accuracy.

Agile Dribbling

Their agile dribbling allowed them to move past defenders smoothly.

Controlled Ball Handling

With controlled ball handling, the team kept possession even under tight pressure.

Strategic Defensive Positioning

The players’ strategic positioning on defense kept the opposition away.

Swift Running

CRFC athletes showcased swift running, outpacing their competitors and covering the field effectively.

Powerful Shooting

Their forceful shots toward the goal were a highlight, reflecting their strong offensive play.


Practicing dribbling enabled our players to move the ball skillfully on the field, helping them navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities


Focusing on goalkeeping taught our players the techniques of saving shots, understanding positioning, and effectively distributing the ball, which are key to preventing goals

The teamwork on display was outstanding, with each CRFC player in sync with their teammates. Greg Henschel, Charlotte Rise’s Director of Coaching, was there, offering support and guidance during every game, which boosted the team’s spirit and performance. We are incredibly proud of them and cannot wait to see them continue to excel in future matches!