Highlights of Our Summer Soccer Camps



Highlights of Our Summer Soccer Camps

Youth Summer Soccer Camps

We had an excellent turnout for Summer Soccer Camps. Our CRFC coaches guided players through skill-building drills, techniques, and fun activities. Open to youth soccer players aged U5 to U19, it was a great learning experience in a friendly and supportive environment.

Drills and Practices:

Players of all skill levels engaged in a variety of soccer drills. They improved their ability to dribble, pass, shoot, control the ball, and score goals with determination and focus. These activities helped them improve their soccer skills and teamwork.

Passing Techniques

Learning the art of passing helped our players move the ball efficiently among teammates, creating opportunities to advance toward the goal.

Striking the Ball

Mastering ball striking is important for accurate shooting and passing. It enabled our players to score goals or send precise passes over various distances.

Ball Handling

Improving ball-handling skills ensured our players could maintain control under pressure, allowing for better decision-making and possession retention.

Agile Footwork Drills

Developing agile footwork enhanced our players’ ability to move quickly and change direction, making it easier to evade opponents.


Practicing dribbling enabled our players to move the ball skillfully on the field, helping them navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities.


Focusing on goalkeeping taught our players the techniques of saving shots, understanding positioning, and effectively distributing the ball, which are key to preventing goals.

Tactical Play

Learning tactical play involved understanding game strategies and player positions, improving teamwork, and making smart decisions on the field.

Fun Activities

Youth soccer players also participated in fun activities, including water balloon fights and tosses.

We are proud of all our participants and coaches who guided them. Each of these skills contributes to a well-rounded soccer player, and our coaches emphasize the importance of teamwork, individual skill development, and strategic thinking in the game. 

We look forward to seeing their continued growth in soccer.