Academy Teams Tryouts at Charlotte Rise FC for the 2024-25 Season



Academy Teams Tryouts at Charlotte Rise FC for the 2024-25 Season

Charlotte Rise FC proudly announces its Academy Teams Tryouts for the 2024-25 season, inviting boys and girls from U8 to U17 to be a part of a club that’s redefining youth soccer in Charlotte. As a rapidly growing club, we are not just participating in the sport; we are reshaping the youth soccer landscape into a transformative experience for both players and their families.

A Club on the Rise

At Charlotte Rise FC, our ethos is built around creating an environment where youth players thrive not just as athletes but as individuals. We’re not just a soccer club; we’re a community dedicated to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the game. We will be focusing on players’ development with an emphasis on basic soccer skills but we will do much more than this. 

Communication will be our club’s main focus. Our communication with you and your player but also how our players communicate. Too often we hear the catchphrase “talk more” or “Communicate” to youth players. This is similar to saying run faster. When talking about soccer we need the same words. We need similar ideas. We will be focusing on how to communicate, when to communicate, and what to communicate. We are striving for this understanding to learn and grow as our teams age and grow. We will be striving to teach age-appropriate leadership. Again we will start to answer the questions:  How to lead? When to lead?  What does leadership mean?

Transforming the Traditional Approach

In the bustling world of youth sports, Charlotte Rise FC stands out by shifting the focus from transactional interactions to transformative experiences. We believe in nurturing not just the athlete but the individual, ensuring that our players develop in a holistic manner. We want parent involvement. When or if this involvement becomes misdirected we will tell you, nicely please stop.

Player Development and Team Structure

Our primary focus is on player development within a team structure. We believe that every player has unique strengths and potential that can be harnessed through targeted training and support. Our coaches are committed to helping each player grow, ensuring they love every moment on the field. 

Throughout the year we will be challenging our coaches and players to build their community. Throughout the year we will be hosting events such as the Charlotte Rise FC annual soccer festival and soccer-specific fitness training with Mike Whiteman, head of sport fitness for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds USL soccer club. We will be hosting a number of added events throughout the year.

Emphasis on Player Development and Team Dynamics

Our approach to player development is twofold: individual skill enhancement and fostering strong team dynamics. We understand that the essence of soccer lies in the harmony between personal growth and teamwork. Our coaching staff is dedicated to guiding each player in realizing their potential while contributing positively to their team.

Smart Commitment: Balancing Soccer and Life

Understanding the busy lives of our players and their families, we emphasize ‘smart commitment.’ We want our players to be passionate about soccer, but not at the expense of their education, participation in other sports, or quality time with family and friends. We optimize playing schedules to ensure a healthy balance. We recognize the importance of balance in the lives of our young athletes. Our philosophy of ‘smart commitment’ ensures that players enjoy their time on the field without feeling overwhelmed. We structure our schedules to optimize playing time.

Local Play in the Carolina Champions League

Our league games are played locally within the Carolina Champions League, which offers flexibility in planning and reduces the stress of extensive travel. Local league play has been a game-changer for the club and our teams. It allows coaches to be present at almost all of the weekend games without conflict. It gives all our teams flexibility and options. For example, we can create a tournament schedule that fits each team. We can play local tournaments as well as plan travel tournaments. We have found the players and families really enjoy tournaments over showcases. In certain older age groups (U17) showcases are important but not for most situations. While other teams are sitting in cars traveling we can plan extra scrimmages and practices. We will set out a schedule early so you can plan and have a more controlled and enjoyable soccer experience.

Communication and Coaching

We place a high emphasis on communication with players and families. Our coaching staff is trained to be intentional and thoughtful in their approach. We practice and play to win but understanding it’s not the sole objective. We strive to teach sportsmanship and leadership by example. You will be proud of your players, team, coach, and club.

A Special Invitation

We invite you to experience the difference at Charlotte Rise FC. For us, soccer is more than a game—it’s a transformative journey. We’ve designed our club with the youth player in mind, aiming to create an experience so enriching and fulfilling that you’ll find it hard to leave. Join us and be part of a community that cherishes every moment on and off the field.