Academy Teams U11 Girls Highlights



Academy Teams U11 Girls Highlights

Our U11 girls’ soccer players learned and displayed impressive skills during practice sessions and matches. They showed great determination and teamwork on the field, giving their best!

Practice Sessions

During practice sessions, they concentrated on learning new skills and enhanced their soccer techniques. Their dedication was directed towards elevating their gameplay to the next level.

Dribbling Drills

In dribbling drills, they worked on navigating the ball with precision and agility. They mastered techniques to outperform opponents on the field, focusing on controlling the ball with quick touches and smooth movements, thus enhancing their dribbling skills each session.

Ball Control Drills

Ball control drills were crucial for our U11 girls as they learned to manipulate the ball with exactness and control. Through a variety of exercises, they improved their ability to receive, trap, and handle the ball confidently, ensuring they commanded the gameplay.

Close-Control Dribbling

Close-control dribbling sessions were essential for them to develop the ability to navigate through tight spaces while maintaining possession. They practiced close-control dribbling techniques, refining their footwork and touch to effectively bypass defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Passing and Shooting Drills

Passing and shooting drills were critical to their training sessions. They concentrated on improving their passing accuracy, timing, and decision-making skills to execute precise passes and create scoring chances for their team. Additionally, they worked on refining their shooting techniques, aiming to deliver powerful and accurate shots on goal consistently.


Our U11 girls’ soccer players showcased impressive skills in their recent match, each demonstrating their strengths on the field.


In a thrilling display of agility and control, our soccer player showed exceptional dribbling skills. She took command of the midfield with precision.

Precise Kicking

Our skillful girl soccer player executed precise shooting. She skillfully struck the ball with the inside of her foot. She concentrated on the accuracy of her play, trying to ensure the ball reached its intended target.

Accurate Ball Control

Our soccer players skillfully focused on maintaining possession and bringing the ball under control quickly and effectively.


Our U11 soccer player demonstrated precise ball-shooting skills. She leaned perfectly into the kick, her non-kicking foot was planted firmly beside the ball for balance and accuracy, and her eyes were fixed on the target.


They displayed exceptional teamwork and skills. Their control of the game was undeniable, moving with a tactical awareness that speaks volumes about their preparation and unity on the field.

We are incredibly proud of our U11 girls soccer players, and their dedication and hard work have been truly inspiring. As they continue to show their talents and skills on the field, they will achieve even greater success in upcoming matches.